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Brookfield Maple - Builder Series  

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Cabinets 3D Images   Pantry & Oven cabinets Prices Cabinets 3D Images ID Panels Prices
WP1884 Pantry top & bottom door 18"x84"


DWR3L Dishwasher panel Left


WP1896 Pantry top & bottom door 18"x96"



Dishwasher panel Right



Pantry top & bottom door 24"x84"


  FP489625 Finished full panel 48"x96"x1/4"


WP2496 Pantry top & bottom door 24"x96"


RR96 Refrigerator end side panel


          Crown Moldings  
OVS3384 Single Oven 33"x84"x24"


  CM1-5/8 Crown molding 1-5/8"x96"


Oven cabinets

OVS3396 Single Oven 33"x96"x24"


  CM2-3/4 Crown molding 2-3/4"x96"


OVD3384 Single Oven 33"x84"x24"


  OCM8WD Molding Corner 3/4"x3/4"x96"


OVD3396 Double Oven 33"x96"x24"


    SCM8 Scribe Molding 3/4"x96"



WES30R/L Wall End Shelf 30" Reversible - Price $121.06

BF3 BF3 Base Filler 3"x34-1/2" $11.86        
WES42R/L Wall End Shelf 42" Reversible - Price $217.02 FS330 Wall Filler 3"x30" $8.76     ID Medicine Cabinets - Triview Prices
  FS342 Wall Filler 3"x42" $12.28 TRV2430 Triview medicine cabinet 24"x30"


  FS642 Wall Filler 6"x42" $31.60 TRV3030 Triview medicine cabinet 30"x30"


Toe Kicks & End plywood panels BSP Base Side Panel 24"x34-3/16" NA   TRV3630 Triview medicine cabinet 36"x30"


WSP Wall Side Panel 12"x30" NA   TRV4830 Triview medicine cabinet 48"x30"


WSP Wall Side Panel 12"x36" NA   Wine Rack  
WSP Wall Side Panel 12"x42" NA WC3015 Wall Wine Cabinet 30"x15"


TK8 Toe kick 96"x1/4" $25.82        
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